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My Topsfield Fair Story

Fieryredhead just posted her Texas State Fair Story--- Which reminds me of MY Topsfield Fair Story from maybe 2 years ago.

Jay and I went to the Fair. It was a spur of the moment decision. It just happened to be nice enough out that we went at night.

As many of you know, I am an animal lover. I have a love/hate relationship with petting zoos. On the one hand, they are not much fun for the animals that are kept in cramped conditions and that makes me sad. On the other hand, I get to SEE Llamas and baby goats..with baby goat horns.

Stinky animals are not something Jay is particularly interested in spending time around. But he couldn't deny me the fuzzy baby goat horns. In we went.

I decided I just HAD to feed a llama. There was much fussing to find the 75 cents in quarters for the little gum ball machine filled with goat kibble. I get the food, and SEVERAL drooly llamas come rushing towards me. I took one look at those big teeth and drooly mouths....and I was terrified to put my hand anywhere NEAR them. Now this was a problem, because while I didn't want those big teeth near my well-loved fingers...I also didn't want to tease the llamas. They knew I had food and now I didn't want to gibe them the food. I pleaded with Jay, but there was NO way he was going to puty HIS hand near those dirty mouths. He didn't even want to breathe the AIR in that tent, let alone TOUCH a drooly llama mouth.

It was then that I noticed the carny type man next to me. He was just standing there with a big scary frin, missing most of his teeth and shining in all his hillbilly cannibal nountain man glory. I asked HIM to feed the llama my kibble. And he did. And Jay has NEVER let me hear the end of it. How we just had to go into the stinky tent and how I just HAD to feed the drooly llama and how I ten had to befriend the toothless carny hillbilly cannibal mountain man.

But see-- I think he has put this out of his mind in recent years. We are going to honeymoon at a resort in Mexico this year. And one of the activities that you can take part in is swimming with the dolphins. I think it will be $150 per person. Now that price tag is important to note---remember how made he was when I didn't want to feed the llama the 75 cents worth of goat kibble? Yeah---imagine how he'll feel after plunking down our $300 to swim with the dolphins only to have me take ONE look at those giant beaky mouths and run screaming from the water?
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