Pamela (saint_eva) wrote,

Halloween Night

I had tossed around a few ideas as to how to celebrate last night. Jason was working until 9:00 so it would have to be a later start. I was so tired after the weekend that I opted to stay in. I wanted to go see Saw II and be all scary-movie-like, but I was tired and I was told that the ending would make more sense if I saw Saw first.

I decided to give out candy to the trick or treaters. There weren't many, but it was still cute. I did see diversity at work. Malden is a melting pot. I think some of my neighbors were very unfamiliar with the custom of trick or treating. A big group of tiny little asian kids came up for candy. Not one was wearing any semblance of a costume. But they were all so excited and said "Happy Halloween", so hey...they got candy. :)

Then a little boy from a few houses down came. First I saw his dad take him across the street. I heard the woman say, "You don't have a bag?" She then ran in her house and brought him a bag, put a piece of candy in it and sent him on his way. Then he came to my house. His "costume" was a piece of green foam with a hole cut in it for his head. It was junky it was the old pad from an ironing board or something. I gave him a handfull of candy (that's what I did with ALL of them, I had so much candy vs the number of kids) and then his dad said, "Do you feel better now?" and brought him home.

All I can guess is that they come from a place where there is no such thing as trick or treating ...he saw all the kids with the costumes getting candy...and was sad, so his dad let him do it too.....but only to two houses. Had I realized that was what was happening I would have given him *several* handfulls. Half the cauldron even! I shouldn't make fun of his costume, but I don't think it was a matter of not being able to afford one...I am fairly certain they own thew house they live in, and they own a fairly new Toyota Camry. I think the costume was lacking due to it being made in a very hasty manner. As in, here son, put this on and go say, "I'm crazy green foam man, now give me some candy."
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