Pamela (saint_eva) wrote,

a awesome friends

I spent Saturday trying to decide which costume to wear out to Toast that night. My Satan's Cheerleader costume won the honor. Jason went as a handsome devil. (not much of a stretch there...)

Toast was fun. There were drinks, costumes and dancing...but mostly there were the best phucking friends on this planet. Yes, MY friends. I love them. They Rock. They Roll. And they kick seven different kinds of ass.

There was tushie shaking to Rob Zombie. That was all I wanted to make my night complete, and I had it.

The next morning we were in Salem, MA for 10:00am for Jay's Uncle's Brunch. I love his family, but at 10:00am after that weekend? I would have liked to pass. I was tired and cranky.

The Uncle has two pug dogs, George & Gracie. They were dressed as an angel and a devil. Very cute dogs. They don't bark or jump. They will let you pick them up and hug them though. The uncle's Girlfriend has a dog too. It's not a pug, it's a gross poodley-thing with a tail that looks like either a tampon, rat's tail or dreadlock...depending on who you ask. It also has icky gross brown stuff leaking from it's eyes all over it's face.
When we arrived all tired and hungover, tampon dog jumped all over us and barked a high pitched squealy bark that melted my brains til they poured out my ears. I suppose it would let you pick it up and hug it, but I didn't want to. I wanted to pick it up and hurl it into oncoming traffic.

Brunch was good. Jay's Nonnie wore a witches hat. Very cute. I ate eggs and home fries. Then I went home and passed out for several hours.
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