Pamela (saint_eva) wrote,


...Halloween is over. (pouts) I had a most glorious weekend though.

Friday night I went to the Haunted House at Hammond Castle. It was really cool. I was worried that I'd hate it because I don't like being chased...but there wasn't much of that. It was more of an atmospheric scare. Very well done. Creative. The castle was beautiful. I wasn't terrified, but the artist in me really appreciated the work they put in.

What was extremely un-pleasant was the fact that we went through behind a gaggle of annoying teenage girls who screamed at everything, whether it was a spooky thing or not. At one point just as we were entering an extremely narrow staircase, one freaked out that she had to turn around. She was blocking the whole starircase with her hysterics. I was not amused. Why couldn't she just hold on to her friend and close her eyes if she was so damn scared? That's what *I* do!

You had to take a shuttle bus to and from the parking lot. Well, it was just my luck that SHE was sitting in front of us on the bus ride back to the parking lot. I proceeded to loudly tell Jay the story about how last year a group of teenage girls came to Hammond Castle and were slaughtered in their car back at the parking lot by a crazed psycho killer. Jay enthusiastically listened on as I explained how the psycho killer chopped them to bits and ate parts of them so their poor parents had to just bury random chunks of their daughters. The killer was never found. Jay didn't think she could hear me. A pity really.

After that...onward to a party. I went as a beret-wearing assassin. I was just looking for a low key costume that was quick to throw together. Mr Kelly pointed out that I was "La Femme Nikita". Very clever of him, it would have been very clever of me if I realized that when I out the costume together, but hey, cleverness is cleverness.

On the way home from JP that night, 93 was all closed down. This meant the longest detour EVER. That was major suckage right there. I spent most of that ride shaking my fist at police cars. See, I could see their blue lights on the highway because, well, they are giant flashing blue lights...but I couldn't see any construction crews. I had it in my head that the po-po were just being cruel, keeping the whole highway to themselves. (yeah...I was in need of a nap by then)
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