Pamela (saint_eva) wrote,

Speeding up the aging process...

Wow...I am quite the little chatterbox today.

Ok, so I, being the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION that am...have just started putting my Halloween Costumes together. By started I mean, pershaps I will get started tonight.

I want to shred up some jeans. I would like the shreddy bits to look like the kind of shredding that comes with wear and that white string hole on the knee of your favorite jeans.

How might one *best* go about this with a brand new pair of jeans? I have considered making little slices with a razor and then washing the hell them. Will this fray them? Or will I just end up with extra clean jeans with perfectly sliced "razor" slits in them? Any other better options for the distressing? Thanks so much.

And no, I am not going as a BonJovi Fanatic from 1987. :P
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