Pamela (saint_eva) wrote,

Dracula...the smooshy version

Yesterday, I went to see Dracula at the Stoneham Theatre with my cousin and our friends Jenn & Joan.

It was an interesting experience. I had a great time, we went to lunch, had a mini-feast and some cocktails. It was a nice way to spend a pre-Halloween afternoon.

The play was good. The actors did a good job, the sets were very cool, the lighting was particularly fantastic.

What I found off though was the version of the story they used. This was apparently a new adapatation. To me, however it just seemed like they took a whole bunch of other versions and smoohed them together...adding odd parts in and leaving out somew of the best (the brides for example...).

Dracula comes to London after seeing a locket with Mina'a photograph in it. It is clear that he has a crush on her (very Gary Oldman/ Coppola Dracula). That aspect is never fleshed out it just seemed like it might have been better for the Count to see her as tasty rather than a hottie. Lucy has only one suitor in thios version, rather than three. I can see how this makes for an easier casting situation...but I rather like it when Lucy is a tramp. There was no Renfield. Too many people died and too quickly. And oh! The weirdest twist that I have ever seen was the way they handled Lucy as a vampire. Van Helsing & Dr Seward go to her grave and find it empty...eventually she arrives after a night of hunting..all this is typical yes? Well, then she starts talking to them and she is all "What is going on? Am I sleepwalking?" Van Helsing holds up a cross and she says, "Ow, why are you hurting me?"

Now, I could see her doing that if she was just trying to trick them into thinking she was all nice and non-bloodsucking...but it was played as GENUINE confusion on Lucy's part. The whole time she is wearing a wedding gown soaked in blood. It just came off as kind of funny really.

So yeah, I liked the play...but the adaptation was sorts "meh". Still a nice way to spend an October afternoon...and the company was fabulous. Those three women are crazy. I love them.
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