Pamela (saint_eva) wrote,


A long haired hippie is coming to stay with us for a few months. His name is Donnie, I hear he can be quite a pig.

So one day last week my co-worker asked me if I knew anyone looking for a guinea pig. I didn't. His son has a really friendly peruvian guinea pig that he needs to find a home for.

The next day, my friend Tracey emailed me to tell me that her guinea pig had died. She is an animal fanatic like me, so this was extremely sad. I think that clearly FATE means for Tracey to have this piggie. There was one minor flaw in this genius plan...
Tracey lives in NY and will not be able to come up this way until @ Xmas.

So now Donnie is going to come live with me for a few months. I haven't seen him yet but rumour has it that he looks like a walking toupee. I'm thinking a trim and maybe some highlights.....
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