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Pamela's Journal
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Thursday, October 30th, 2008
10:03 am
Are there any good club events going on for Halloween ON Halloween?

We totally missed the memo and didn't realize all the food stuff that happened last Saturday. I kinda expected that since AHalloween falls on a FFRIDAY that there would axtually be celebrations THIS Friday.

Yes, it is the day before Halloween and I have no idea what I am doing and I might cry because everyone else is going away and I CAN'T. >:(
Thursday, October 4th, 2007
12:58 pm
My Topsfield Fair Story
Fieryredhead just posted her Texas State Fair Story--- Which reminds me of MY Topsfield Fair Story from maybe 2 years ago.

Jay and I went to the Fair. It was a spur of the moment decision. It just happened to be nice enough out that we went at night.

As many of you know, I am an animal lover. I have a love/hate relationship with petting zoos. On the one hand, they are not much fun for the animals that are kept in cramped conditions and that makes me sad. On the other hand, I get to SEE Llamas and baby goats..with baby goat horns.

Stinky animals are not something Jay is particularly interested in spending time around. But he couldn't deny me the fuzzy baby goat horns. In we went.

I decided I just HAD to feed a llama. There was much fussing to find the 75 cents in quarters for the little gum ball machine filled with goat kibble. I get the food, and SEVERAL drooly llamas come rushing towards me. I took one look at those big teeth and drooly mouths....and I was terrified to put my hand anywhere NEAR them. Now this was a problem, because while I didn't want those big teeth near my well-loved fingers...I also didn't want to tease the llamas. They knew I had food and now I didn't want to gibe them the food. I pleaded with Jay, but there was NO way he was going to puty HIS hand near those dirty mouths. He didn't even want to breathe the AIR in that tent, let alone TOUCH a drooly llama mouth.

It was then that I noticed the carny type man next to me. He was just standing there with a big scary frin, missing most of his teeth and shining in all his hillbilly cannibal nountain man glory. I asked HIM to feed the llama my kibble. And he did. And Jay has NEVER let me hear the end of it. How we just had to go into the stinky tent and how I just HAD to feed the drooly llama and how I ten had to befriend the toothless carny hillbilly cannibal mountain man.

But see-- I think he has put this out of his mind in recent years. We are going to honeymoon at a resort in Mexico this year. And one of the activities that you can take part in is swimming with the dolphins. I think it will be $150 per person. Now that price tag is important to note---remember how made he was when I didn't want to feed the llama the 75 cents worth of goat kibble? Yeah---imagine how he'll feel after plunking down our $300 to swim with the dolphins only to have me take ONE look at those giant beaky mouths and run screaming from the water?

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, July 20th, 2007
3:25 pm
Oh, I love Jason
Jason is the best. I thank Yahweh every waking hour that I'm
with him. Sometimes I just watch him as he sleeps.
While I am quite worthy, I'm still in awe of the fact that he
has chosen me as his wife. He is so smart handsome and flexible.
He is totally not weird and even his faults, assuming I could find
any, seem to pale in comparison to his wit and charm and sexual prowess.
The most wonderful thing about him is the way he teaches me very important
life lessons.

Such as not giving out my LJ password.

Jas...I mean, Pamela

Current Mood: loved
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
11:47 am
Going Forward...
....This Journal will be "friends only".
If you want to be added, let me know.
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
5:33 pm
dirty pig
Donzig the pig (foster guinea pig)is getting a bath tonight. I hope he is not so terrified that he dies of a heart attack.

He wouldn't HAVE to be bathed if he didn't lay around in the same spot that he pees all day. He has a little igloo-shaped hidey hole. He loves it. But he is also lazy. He won't come out to eat. He will just drag the food in there and eat. And he just pees in there too. He has a huge cage, must he lay in his pee?

Tonight, he bathes with "no more tears" shampoo, Donzig does.

His namesake, Danzig bathes too. With blood, like so:

"Corpses are hanging headless and limp.
Bodies with no surprises
Blood Drains down like Devil's Rain
We'll bathe tonight"
4:23 pm
Halloween Night
I had tossed around a few ideas as to how to celebrate last night. Jason was working until 9:00 so it would have to be a later start. I was so tired after the weekend that I opted to stay in. I wanted to go see Saw II and be all scary-movie-like, but I was tired and I was told that the ending would make more sense if I saw Saw first.

I decided to give out candy to the trick or treaters. There weren't many, but it was still cute. I did see diversity at work. Malden is a melting pot. I think some of my neighbors were very unfamiliar with the custom of trick or treating. A big group of tiny little asian kids came up for candy. Not one was wearing any semblance of a costume. But they were all so excited and said "Happy Halloween", so hey...they got candy. :)

Then a little boy from a few houses down came. First I saw his dad take him across the street. I heard the woman say, "You don't have a bag?" She then ran in her house and brought him a bag, put a piece of candy in it and sent him on his way. Then he came to my house. His "costume" was a piece of green foam with a hole cut in it for his head. It was junky foam...like it was the old pad from an ironing board or something. I gave him a handfull of candy (that's what I did with ALL of them, I had so much candy vs the number of kids) and then his dad said, "Do you feel better now?" and brought him home.

All I can guess is that they come from a place where there is no such thing as trick or treating ...he saw all the kids with the costumes getting candy...and was sad, so his dad let him do it too.....but only to two houses. Had I realized that was what was happening I would have given him *several* handfulls. Half the cauldron even! I shouldn't make fun of his costume, but I don't think it was a matter of not being able to afford one...I am fairly certain they own thew house they live in, and they own a fairly new Toyota Camry. I think the costume was lacking due to it being made in a very hasty manner. As in, here son, put this on and go say, "I'm crazy green foam man, now give me some candy."
4:08 pm
a Toast...to awesome friends
I spent Saturday trying to decide which costume to wear out to Toast that night. My Satan's Cheerleader costume won the honor. Jason went as a handsome devil. (not much of a stretch there...)

Toast was fun. There were drinks, costumes and dancing...but mostly there were the best phucking friends on this planet. Yes, MY friends. I love them. They Rock. They Roll. And they kick seven different kinds of ass.

There was tushie shaking to Rob Zombie. That was all I wanted to make my night complete, and I had it.

The next morning we were in Salem, MA for 10:00am for Jay's Uncle's Brunch. I love his family, but at 10:00am after that weekend? I would have liked to pass. I was tired and cranky.

The Uncle has two pug dogs, George & Gracie. They were dressed as an angel and a devil. Very cute dogs. They don't bark or jump. They will let you pick them up and hug them though. The uncle's Girlfriend has a dog too. It's not a pug, it's a gross poodley-thing with a tail that looks like either a tampon, rat's tail or dreadlock...depending on who you ask. It also has icky gross brown stuff leaking from it's eyes all over it's face.
When we arrived all tired and hungover, tampon dog jumped all over us and barked a high pitched squealy bark that melted my brains til they poured out my ears. I suppose it would let you pick it up and hug it, but I didn't want to. I wanted to pick it up and hurl it into oncoming traffic.

Brunch was good. Jay's Nonnie wore a witches hat. Very cute. I ate eggs and home fries. Then I went home and passed out for several hours.
3:49 pm
...Halloween is over. (pouts) I had a most glorious weekend though.

Friday night I went to the Haunted House at Hammond Castle. It was really cool. I was worried that I'd hate it because I don't like being chased...but there wasn't much of that. It was more of an atmospheric scare. Very well done. Creative. The castle was beautiful. I wasn't terrified, but the artist in me really appreciated the work they put in.

What was extremely un-pleasant was the fact that we went through behind a gaggle of annoying teenage girls who screamed at everything, whether it was a spooky thing or not. At one point just as we were entering an extremely narrow staircase, one freaked out that she had to turn around. She was blocking the whole starircase with her hysterics. I was not amused. Why couldn't she just hold on to her friend and close her eyes if she was so damn scared? That's what *I* do!

You had to take a shuttle bus to and from the parking lot. Well, it was just my luck that SHE was sitting in front of us on the bus ride back to the parking lot. I proceeded to loudly tell Jay the story about how last year a group of teenage girls came to Hammond Castle and were slaughtered in their car back at the parking lot by a crazed psycho killer. Jay enthusiastically listened on as I explained how the psycho killer chopped them to bits and ate parts of them so their poor parents had to just bury random chunks of their daughters. The killer was never found. Jay didn't think she could hear me. A pity really.

After that...onward to a party. I went as a beret-wearing assassin. I was just looking for a low key costume that was quick to throw together. Mr Kelly pointed out that I was "La Femme Nikita". Very clever of him, it would have been very clever of me if I realized that when I out the costume together, but hey, cleverness is cleverness.

On the way home from JP that night, 93 was all closed down. This meant the longest detour EVER. That was major suckage right there. I spent most of that ride shaking my fist at police cars. See, I could see their blue lights on the highway because, well, they are giant flashing blue lights...but I couldn't see any construction crews. I had it in my head that the po-po were just being cruel, keeping the whole highway to themselves. (yeah...I was in need of a nap by then)
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
4:08 pm
haunted houses
So my dearest Dawn and I are going to the haunted house at Hammond Castle this week. At some point, I decided to take a look at their website and saw that they use "interactive actors" at this "pg-13" haunted house. This made me pause a bit. I like spookiness...I do not like the idea of being chased by monsters. I fear that I might pee my pants. So I wrote Dawn an email and warned her, "My idea of going through a haunted house is to grab on to the person in front of me, and go through the whole thing with my eyes closed...the whole time screaming bloody murder like a lunatic." Her reply? "Well that's what I do too."

This is why Jason has to come, so we have someone to put in front. ;)

But I have been having second thoughts, because from what I remember, those people put in front don't always appreciate all that grabbing and screaming nonsense. I KNOW this because once many moons ago, when I went to my last haunted house...I was with Sheri and Sara. Sheri and I pulled that grabbing/screaming/closed eyes crap on Ms Sara and she was not at all amused. I think she had finally had her fill when we _all_ got stuck in the revolving door because us silly chickens wouldn't let go of her or each other. In our defense, we didn't KNOW it was a revolving door because WE still had our eyes closed. (I realize this is a piss-poor defense)

I am hoping that Jason doesn't make Dawn and I hitchhike home afterwards out of spite. That would really be scary...psycho-cannibal-moutain men on the loose and all. ;)
3:44 pm
Good News!
My Aunt Cecile is doing just fine!
She was up and about not long after her surgery and the polyp is benign.*

*I was skeptical of this at first. My Aunt can be shady with health issues. For example, the only reason my cousin and I even KNEW she was going to have surgery at all was because my uncle made the mistake of mentioning they'd be home in Auburn, MA this week. Anyway, I always assumed that results such as this require days to get back from the lab. I actually suspected she was lying just so we wouldn't fret while waiting for the results. A co-worker said that in some cases, they can tell right off whether someting is suspicious or not. So...YAY.

And thanks Aithlyn. :)
Monday, October 24th, 2005
12:23 pm
Speeding up the aging process...
Wow...I am quite the little chatterbox today.

Ok, so I, being the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION that am...have just started putting my Halloween Costumes together. By started I mean, pershaps I will get started tonight.

I want to shred up some jeans. I would like the shreddy bits to look like the kind of shredding that comes with wear and tear...like that white string hole on the knee of your favorite jeans.

How might one *best* go about this with a brand new pair of jeans? I have considered making little slices with a razor and then washing the hell them. Will this fray them? Or will I just end up with extra clean jeans with perfectly sliced "razor" slits in them? Any other better options for the distressing? Thanks so much.

And no, I am not going as a BonJovi Fanatic from 1987. :P
12:08 pm
Dracula...the smooshy version
Yesterday, I went to see Dracula at the Stoneham Theatre with my cousin and our friends Jenn & Joan.

It was an interesting experience. I had a great time, we went to lunch, had a mini-feast and some cocktails. It was a nice way to spend a pre-Halloween afternoon.

The play was good. The actors did a good job, the sets were very cool, the lighting was particularly fantastic.

What I found off though was the version of the story they used. This was apparently a new adapatation. To me, however it just seemed like they took a whole bunch of other versions and smoohed them together...adding odd parts in and leaving out somew of the best (the brides for example...).

Dracula comes to London after seeing a locket with Mina'a photograph in it. It is clear that he has a crush on her (very Gary Oldman/ Coppola Dracula). That aspect is never fleshed out however...so it just seemed like it might have been better for the Count to see her as tasty rather than a hottie. Lucy has only one suitor in thios version, rather than three. I can see how this makes for an easier casting situation...but I rather like it when Lucy is a tramp. There was no Renfield. Too many people died and too quickly. And oh! The weirdest twist that I have ever seen was the way they handled Lucy as a vampire. Van Helsing & Dr Seward go to her grave and find it empty...eventually she arrives after a night of hunting..all this is typical yes? Well, then she starts talking to them and she is all "What is going on? Am I sleepwalking?" Van Helsing holds up a cross and she says, "Ow, why are you hurting me?"

Now, I could see her doing that if she was just trying to trick them into thinking she was all nice and non-bloodsucking...but it was played as GENUINE confusion on Lucy's part. The whole time she is wearing a wedding gown soaked in blood. It just came off as kind of funny really.

So yeah, I liked the play...but the adaptation was sorts "meh". Still a nice way to spend an October afternoon...and the company was fabulous. Those three women are crazy. I love them.
11:58 am
Good Thoughts Needed
Auntie Cecile is going in for surgery tomorrow to have a polyp removed from her intestines. Let the surgery go well and please let this polyp not be cancerous. Thank you.

Current Mood: worried
Friday, October 21st, 2005
2:19 pm
Last night Jay and I were out having dinner and he said, "Poker is my life. I love it, I'm one year into my two year plan". ( his 2 year plan is to become a professional poker player)

Annoyed that "poker" had knocked me out of MY position as "his life", I replied:

"Well that's funny, I love you and I'm 5 years into my 1 night plan**".

**we've been together 5 years
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
4:11 pm
Black Eyed Peas
I kinda like the Black Eyed Peas. They are fun and Fergie is hotHotHOT. This is why, when I came across a new BEP video while channel surfing last night...I stopped.

Jason was on the computer on the other side of the tv, he could hear...but not see. He asked, "Come on..is that a REAL song?"

I don't blame him for asking. The "song", and I use that term loosely, was mostly comprised of Fergie singing:

"My hump, my hump, my hump my hump" and something about "My lovely lady lumps." Most of this was accompanied by her shaking her tushie at the camera.

I will admit, I was entertained. But it was more a matter of "Oh my god...I can't believe they are *actually* calling breasts "lovely lady lumps." To add to my horror and confusion, I couldn't help but connect the terms "lovely lady lumps" with a children's video that my god daughter, Clare, and Princess Abby once watched while I was visiting that was called, "Lady Lovely Locks". So there's Fergie shaking her booty and I can't help but hear Clare's little tiny girl voice saying "I want to watch Lady Lovely Locks".

I am scarred for life I tell ya! But I have LOVELY lady lumps..........
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
4:31 pm
Halloween is a mere 12 days away. I don't have any actual plans aside from "Do something fun" and I am refusing to get my costume together.

I have a pair of suspenders so far. I'd better get a move on or I'll be REALLY cold come the 31st!
1:54 pm
piggie is a punk rockerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Mr Guinea Pig has arrived. He is not a long-haired hippie. He has short sticky-uppy brown hair with a shock of blonde right on top. He looks so punk! Too cute.

I can't believe I have another 4 hours left in this place...I was ready to leave 2 hours ago. So unmotivated.
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
5:47 pm
The Misfits! November 8th. The Middle East.
awww yeah...........
5:36 pm
Dear Right Arm,

Why are you sore? Why? I didn't slam you in a car door. I didn't notice any mountain lions gnawing on you. I did not take a sledge hammer to you. Yet you persist with the dull deep ache. It's been days. I am sick of "icy hot". Jason is sick of the constant whining. If I had *good* painkillers available, I would be an addict by now.

Go away.

That is all.

The Rest of Me

Current Mood: sore
5:25 pm
A long haired hippie is coming to stay with us for a few months. His name is Donnie, I hear he can be quite a pig.

So one day last week my co-worker asked me if I knew anyone looking for a guinea pig. I didn't. His son has a really friendly peruvian guinea pig that he needs to find a home for.

The next day, my friend Tracey emailed me to tell me that her guinea pig had died. She is an animal fanatic like me, so this was extremely sad. I think that clearly FATE means for Tracey to have this piggie. There was one minor flaw in this genius plan...
Tracey lives in NY and will not be able to come up this way until @ Xmas.

So now Donnie is going to come live with me for a few months. I haven't seen him yet but rumour has it that he looks like a walking toupee. I'm thinking a trim and maybe some highlights.....
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